The Hey Rocco story book and plush fox opened on a floor.

The cutest way to stay connected with a (distant) little loved one

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Hey Rocco Helps You Stay Connected

The relationships we have with young loved ones are some of the most extraordinary. But, they can often be difficult to maintain, especially if you live far apart. Hey Rocco is a wonderful gift that creates a lasting connection between you and a child. Whether you live down the street, or a thousand miles away, Hey Rocco gives you a special reason to stay in touch and something that only the two of you share.

A magical new friend

A plush Rocco sitting with a forest in the background
An opened Hey Rocco story book

You're both part of the story

A special reason to stay in touch

A woman and young girl reading the Hey Rocco story book

What Our Customers Are Saying

The perfect gift for my nephew!

Barrett was instantly in love with Rocco when he opened it for his first Christmas! Sure, he isn't old enough to read on his own, but it makes for a perfect story time when we're together. Hey Rocco is a great excuse to spend some quality time with your nephew / niece that you may not get to see every day. Highly recommend!

Dylan F.

Rocco is a huge hit

Rocco arrived yesterday, and my 4yo son is SMITTEN with him. Toy and book are fab quality, and we read the book together a couple of times already :) My son loves his new buddy, and I haven't even told him he will be getting mail every month :) hehehe.

Wendy B.

My Grandson loves Hey Rocco!

My grandson loves his Rocco! He takes it with him everywhere. Every time I visit, he wants me to read him his storybook because he knows that it's about how Granny met Rocco. And the monthly letters are a great addition. He's so excited to get some mail every month and hear about Rocco's latest adventure!

Janet B.

The gift that keeps on giving!

Ava just started junior k - she never experienced being away from her family for 6 hrs a day - she didn’t love going! The past week, Rocco has been attending JK and not only Ava’s outlook has changed as she doesn’t feel alone but she also managed to open up more.. this gift keeps on giving!!

Leila H.


Very fun, wrapped this up for a Christmas present for me toddler. She was SO excited reading Rocco’s story at bedtime. I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits them next month :)

Rachel E.

Hey Rocco Storybook and Plush Rocco Box Set

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