6 Role Playing Games For Your Next Visit To The Playground

 6 Role Playing Games for Your Next Visit to the Playground

There's nothing quite like a visit to the park. You get fresh air, sun, exercise, and the chance to spend some much needed one-on-one time with your favourite little one.

It’s easy to see the playground as an opportunity to sit and catch up on your email. But, if you’re an uncle like me or someone that doesn’t get to see them everyday, these moments are special. You want in on the fun!

Some of the best playground activities you can share with your little one are make believe role playing games. Playgrounds are the perfect place to let your imagination run wild. Everything in them can become a magical piece in your make believe world.

There are also a ton of benefits to these types of games. They help children build social and emotional skills, creative thinking, and nurture the imagination. They also help you create a stronger bond with your little one. Once you’ve been through a space mission or pirate ship attack together, there's really nothing you can’t overcome. 

Here are 6 role playing game ideas for your next visit to the playground:

Explore the open seas
Hoist the mainsail! It’s time to set out on the open water. Pretend you're both captain and first mate of a great big ship on a course for adventure. You can navigate the open seas, encounter pirate ships or shark infested waters, even keep yourselves busy caring for your many guests aboard.

Take a trip to outer space
To infinity, and beyond! Pretend you’re both astronauts on an exploratory mission to mars. For extra fun, you can even make up your own planet and backstory. Maybe you’re on a mission to find a new home. Maybe we’ve discovered life on a far away planet! Together, you can treat the entire playground as your massive spaceship. Is there trouble with the nuclear reactor? Repairs needed on the engine? You’ve got this!

Hot Lava! (or flash flood)
Watch your step, the entire playground just became a big lava pit! Together, you must get from one end of the park to the other without falling in. If lava’s not your thing, make it a flash flood instead. It’s going to take some creative problem solving and teamwork, but luckily there are many things around to help you cross safely. We hope!

Open your own hotel
Welcome to the See-Saw Suites, we hope you enjoy your stay! You’ve both just opened the hottest hotel this site of the playground. With a full guest list, it’s going to take a lot of work to keep everyone happy. Is that the prince of Egypt? Places, people!

Open a cafe
Today is opening day at your cafe and the lineup is down the street. Many hungry patrons looking to try your magnificent food and sip away on your yummy drinks. But, running a cafe is no easy feat. You’ll need to work together to make sure everyone is happy. And who designed this restaurant anyways? The tables are all over the place! Inside a slide? Are you kidding me?

Take a trip to the Jungle
♪♪ Welcome to the jungle! (sang in your best Axl Rose voice) ♪♪ You have both found yourself deep in the jungle, surrounded by many amazing creatures. This far in the jungle, there might even be animals you’ve never heard of! Together, you’ll need to find shelter, food to eat, and avoid getting eaten by lions. Good luck!

So, next time you have a chance to take your niece, nephew, grandkid, godkid, etc. to the park, I hope you take some inspiration from the list above and create your own fun role playing game. I guarantee you’ll both have a ball.

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