Create your own fox ears and look just like Rocco!

The Rocco ears activity sheet printed with scissors and a stapler

Get in touch with your inner Rocco!

This activity will let you and your little one step into Rocco’s shoes, with fox ears of your very own! With our simple kit, you can build and design your own set of fox ears.

Download and print the free activity sheet and follow the instructions below!

Step 1: Download and print your own Ears Like Rocco Activity Sheet.

Step 2: Color the ears with your little one.

Step 3: Cut out the ears and the two headband strips.

Cut out Rocco ears and headband strips

Step 4: Glue or staple the two headband strips at each end to create a single loop.

Head band striped stapled together to make a headband

Step 5: Glue your earpieces to the back of the headband, with the colored side facing into the circle.

Completed Rocco ears

Congratulations! You’ve created your own Rocco ears. They look like the real thing!

If you feel like showing off your work, share a picture of it on Facebook or Instagram and mention #craftswithrocco! 

If you run into any trouble or have questions, just let us know in the comments below.

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