Masters of Fun Presents: Geraldine, the Great Playground Pretender

Masters of Fun Presents Geraldine King

This week’s Master of Fun is Geraldine King, from Newfoundland. Geraldine is a Grandmother to 4 year old Rose, who lives in Maine.

Living roughly 1200 kilometers away from each other, Geraldine and Rose only get to see each other a few times a year. “We see each other about 4 times a year, 5 if we’re really lucky.”

That’s why when they do see each other, Geraldine is sure to make the most of it. They read books together, bake muffins and make forts from pillows. But what Geraldine and Rose enjoy doing the most together...

They love playing “Pretend.”

Geraldine and Rose love to go to a small playground near Geraldine’s home in Newfoundland and bring nothing but their imaginations.

“I love taking Rose to the park because it gets us out in the fresh air and exercising, but it’s also the perfect place to let her imagination run wild. The different platforms, slide, and park bench provide so many opportunities to imagine all sorts of fun scenarios”

One of their favourites is to pretend that they’re both on a big ship.

“We start by declaring that the ground is water, making everything else in the playground part of our great big ship! We have places for sleeping, a kitchen, a lookout, even a place to steer the ship. We also have a crew and guests to look after, which requires us to find creative ways to get from one end of the playground to the other.”

Make believe games like this are an amazing way to bond with your little one. They encourage cooperation, problem-solving, healthy communication and focus. Together your creativity can run wild and you can discover new things (real or make believe) together.

For more ideas on fun pretend park games, check out our blog post - 6 Role Playing Games For Your Next Visit To The Playground.

We asked Geraldine for her advice on how to connect with a little loved one:

“Listen to them. Rose never ceases to amaze and inspire me with how much she grows and learns between each of our visits. So many of the fun things we do together come from simply listening to her ideas and welcoming her many questions.”

Thanks, Geraldine, for being such an amazing Grandmother and a true Master of Fun.

We hope that this story inspires you to master your own fun and continue to build a wonderful relationship with your favourite little one.

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