A opened Hey Rocco box set containing a Rocco plushie, the Hey Rocco storybook and a letter.
The Hey Rocco storybook opened to a page with an illustrated picture of Rocco falling through a tree
A picture of the Hey Rocco storybook's dedication page where you can personalize the dedication
A woman and a little girl reading Hey Rocco together
A picture of the Rocco plush fox lying in a gift box
A baby boy holding a plush Rocco and smiling at the camera
A postcard with a short rhyme that is included in every Hey Rocco box set

Hey Rocco Storybook and Plush Rocco Box Set

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Staying in touch has never been more fun. Each box set comes with an original Rocco plushie and a beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the tale of an adventurous fox, his amazing journey, and his chance encounter with a very cool adult -- you!

Share this unique gift and create a lasting connection between you and a special (little) loved one. Whether you live down the street, or a thousand miles away, Hey Rocco gives you a special reason to stay in touch and something that only the two of you share.

  • A beautifully illustrated children’s book
  • One Rocco plushie
  • A personalized letter from Rocco