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What is Hey Rocco?
Hey Rocco is a monthly mail subscription for children, based around the adventures of a curious fox named Rocco. Our mission is to provide a fun learning experience for children, while helping build a special bond with a distant loved one they don’t see that often.

How does it work?
After subscribing through our website, we will immediately ship your little one our Hey Rocco box set, which includes a plush Rocco and his original storybook. After that, they will receive a new letter from Rocco each month. Letters ship between the 1st and 4th of every month.

How much does shipping cost?
For our subscription, we offer a flat rate shipping fee of $3 for each monthly package.

We also offer one one-time purchases through our Hey Rocco gift shop, which can have multiple shipping options during checkout, for standard or express delivery. The price for shipping depends on where in the world you're shipping to, and how many items are in your cart. Once you've entered in your delivery details, you'll be able to select your preferred shipping option and see the cost before entering in any payment details.

When does my order ship?
Hey Rocco gifts like our box set, plushies or books ship immediately. Monthly letters are shipped between the 1st and 4th of every month. To be included in next month's delivery, you need to subscribe before the last day of this month.

How do you personalize my order?
We haven't met a child yet that doesn't love receiving mail, so every package we send will be address to your child. Any book we send will also include their name in the dedication. Every letter from Rocco is addressed to your child (ex. Dear Edward).

What's included in the Hey Rocco Box Set?
Our Storybook and Plush Rocco Box Set includes an original Rocco Plushie, our first book and a personalized letter from Rocco. It arrives in a brown box, just like on the cover of our book!

What's included in the monthly letter?
Our monthly letters include a personalized letter from Rocco, a postcard-sized illustration, custom stickers, and an activity booklet, all themed around his latest adventure. They arrive in a fun retro-style envelope that's personalized to your little one.