How it Works

Hey Rocco creates a fun connection between kids and grownups.

Order the Hey Rocco box set, which includes a plush Rocco and his first storybook. After that, you can join our monthly letter subscription, where your child will receive a new letter from Rocco each month. 

Step 1


Rocco jumping for joy

Purchase the Hey Rocco box set and personalize your order.

Step 2


Rocco waving from inside a box

A package arrives with a cuddly new friend and his incredible story book.

Step 3


A collection of letter envelopes

Subscribe to a monthly letter from Rocco about his latest adventure.

What's in our storybook and plush Rocco box set?

Hey Rocco story book and plush box set

Our Hey Rocco box set includes the official Hey Rocco plush fox, a beautifully illustrated storybook, and a personalized letter from Rocco. The book explains the story of Rocco and how he left the forest to find a new best friend - a best friend that turns out to be your little one!

What's comes in a monthly letter from Rocco?

Picture of a monthly Rocco letter

As a subscriber of our Rocco Letter Club, your child will receive a new letter from Rocco every month about one of his latest adventures, an illustrated photo, and a small memento from Rocco's travels. Each letter is personalized with your child's name and includes interesting facts and lots of silly fun. We also send you a copy via email!