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Discover new adventures with Rocco, one letter at a time. 

Rocco is the most adventurous fox you'll ever meet. Together with his crew of animal friends, he explores the world one adventure at a time. But don't worry, he always finds his way home. 

Subscribe to Rocco's monthly letter subscription and he'll send your little one a personalized letter each month about his latest adventure.

How it Works

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Share a new Rocco adventure every month. Choose a monthly letter subscription, starting as low as $X per month.  

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Each month your child receives a new letter from Rocco. Letters ship between the 1st and 4th of every month. Pause or cancel at any time.  

Step 3


Discover each new monthly adventure together. You also receive a copy via email so you have a reason to connect, wherever you are. 

What's comes in a monthly letter from Rocco?

A letter from Rocco opened to reveal what's inside

As a subscriber of our Rocco Letter Club, your child will receive a new letter from Rocco every month about one of his latest adventures, an illustrated photo, and a small memento from Rocco's travels. Each letter is personalized with your child's name and includes interesting facts and lots of silly fun. We also send you a copy via email!

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