Submitting to Masters of Fun

There’s nothing quite like spending time with a little loved one. It’s valuable time that is often in short supply. Masters of Fun celebrates the grownups that do their best to pack the little moments they do have together, with as much fun as possible. By sharing these stories we hope to inspire others to master their own fun and build stronger relationships with their little loved ones.

If you're a master of fun, we want to hear your story!

Email with your answers to these following questions. If we feature your story, you'll receive $20 to spend at the Hey Rocco shop!

  1. Please share your name, the name of your little one, and your relation to them (aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, godfather, godmother, mom, dad, family friend, etc)
  2. Describe your relationship with them. For example: Do you live apart? How often do you spend time together? What activities do you like to do together? What makes your relationship so special?
  3. What advice would you give to another grownup on building a meaningful relationship with a young loved one? 
  4. Please tell us about a special activity you share with your little one. For example, you might have a fun recipe you've made, craft you've created, game you've played, etc. If you can share instructions or details that others can follow, even better!
  5. If possible, please share a picture of your dynamic duo by tagging @heyroccoteam in an instagram of facebook post!

Thanks for taking part!