A printed copy of the Hey Rocco storybook
The Hey Rocco storybook opened to a page with an illustrated picture of Rocco falling through a tree
A close of picture of the Rocco plush toy and Hey Rocco storybook
A picture of the Hey Rocco storybook's dedication page where you can personalize the dedication
A picture of a woman and a little girl reading Hey Rocco together

The Original Hey Rocco Storybook

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Discover the incredible story of Rocco, a curious fox that embarks on a brave journey to find a best friend. On his way he meets a special human - that’s you - who has the perfect friend in mind.

Hey Rocco is written from your perspective as you tell the tale of how you met Rocco and sent him to live with his new best friend - your little one.

It’s uniquely written to make you and your little one an important part of the story. You can also mark the moment by personalizing the dedication at the beginning. 

Our books are printed on thick, high-quality paper, which has an elegant matte finish. You can also pair them with a one-of-a-kind Plush Rocco the Fox.